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The American College of Education (ACE) helps working adults grow in their careers. It offers online programs since 2005. These are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission for quality.

ACE provides flexible and convenient online degree programs. This includes bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Their focus is on working professionals who need to balance work and study.

The courses are engaging and interactive, based on real evidence. They help students gain practical skills for their future job. ACE uses real-world applications and case studies to make learning practical.

Key Takeaways

  • The American College of Education (ACE) is a leading provider of fully online degree programs.
  • ACE offers flexible online programs in various academic levels.
  • ACE’s courses are interactive and focus on practical use through evidence-based learning.
  • ACE is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission for top-notch education.
  • ACE supports professionals in balancing their career growth with current commitments.

Unlock Flexible and Convenient Online Learning

The American College of Education (ACE) is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, a well-known accrediting body. It ensures the fully online degree programs are of high quality. This proves the college’s dedication to offering top-notch education for adults looking to boost their careers.

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

ACE’s recognition by the Higher Learning Commission highlights its academic excellence. It promises students a top-notch education. This guarantee means you can be sure your studies are both flexible and convenient while also highly respected.

Fully Online Degree Programs for Working Adults

ACE’s fully online degree programs perfectly fit into busy lives. Students are free to learn at their own speed, making work-life balance easier. This flexible and convenient learning model enables students to pursue their education without giving up on work or family.

Engaging and Interesting Coursework

At ACE, learning online is exciting with engaging and interesting coursework. The courses use interactive tools, videos, and real-life examples. This keeps students interested and supports a deeper grasp of the subjects.

Explore Diverse Degree Programs

The American College of Education (ACE) offers many degree programs for different educational and career interests. You can find studies in educational leadership and management, early childhood education, and organizational leadership, and more.

Educational Leadership and Management

The educational leadership and management program helps students get ready for jobs in education. It gives them the skills to lead and manage schools and other education places well.

Early Childhood Education

The early childhood education program teaches students how to work with kids. They learn about creating lesson plans, kids’ growth, and the best ways to teach them.

Organizational Leadership

The organizational leadership program is all about making big decisions and leading teams. Students build their skills in important areas like managing and effective communication for jobs in different fields.

Benefit from Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning

experiential learning

The American College of Education (ACE) is all about giving students an inspiring education. They mix experiential learning and evidence-based content for a powerful learning punch. With real-life examples and detailed case studies, students in ACE’s online programs get ready for their jobs. They learn how to use what they know in real, important situations.

Real-World Applications and Case Studies

ACE’s courses are not just theory; they’re practical too. They arm students with the skills needed for the working world. Using real-world applications and case studies, the school makes sure students turn their textbook knowledge into smart, real-life moves.

Grounded in Evidence-Based Content

ACE keeps pace with the newest research and best methods, thanks to grounded in evidence-based content programs. This strategy lets students really understand their subjects. It makes them smarter decision-makers and critical thinkers. They stay sharp in their careers too.

American College Of Education: A Leader in Online Education

american college of education

The American College of Education stands out as a leader in online education. It offers top-notch and accredited programs for adults with busy schedules.

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

This institution is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. This means it meets high standards and ensures its online degrees are quality.

Affordable and Flexible Online Programs

ACE provides affordable and flexible online programs. This makes it easy for working professionals to boost their education and careers.

Program Type Tuition Cost Delivery Format
Bachelor’s Degree $350 per credit hour 100% Online
Master’s Degree $450 per credit hour 100% Online
Doctoral Degree $550 per credit hour 100% Online

Transfer Credits and Degree Completion Options

transfer credits

The American College of Education (ACE) values your prior learning. It offers easy ways for transfer students. This lets students use their past credits for their degree, making graduation sooner. ACE students can speed up getting their bachelor’s or master’s degree through quick programs.

Streamlined Pathways for Transfer Students

ACE makes it simple for students to transfer their credits. Advisors at the college help each student. They make sure the credit transfer is smooth, helping students achieve their education goals faster.

Accelerated Degree Completion Programs

ACE also has fast tracks for completing degrees. These special programs help students get a degree quicker by using their past education and experience. It’s a way to spend less time and money and still get a great education.

Cultivate Effective Leadership Skills

effective leadership skills

The American College of Education (ACE) focuses on teaching effective leadership skills. They want their students to become great leaders. The courses help students learn how to manage and communicate well.

Develop Managerial and Communication Competencies

At ACE, students get to build strong managerial competencies. They learn about leading a team, making smart choices, and planning wisely. The school also works on students’ communication skills. This helps them work well with others and lead better.

Hone Strategic Decision-Making Abilities

ACE’s focus isn’t just on management and talking. They also teach students to make smart decisions strategically. They learn to look at facts, spot important patterns, and choose the best actions. This helps them steer their teams or organizations towards success.

Personalized Support and Resources

personalized support and resources

The American College of Education (ACE) knows online students face many challenges. That’s why they offer personalized support and lots of resources. These help students succeed in their studies. This support is powered by the dedicated Student Success Advisors. They guide each student, address concerns, and make sure everyone has the right tools to excel.

ACE also gives a vast Online Library and Learning Tools. This serves as a treasure trove of information. It includes academic journals, e-books, and more. There are also interactive materials and platforms that make learning fun and engaging.

This rich support system helps ACE students confidently tackle their online studies. They’re supported to reach their educational and career dreams. ACE is committed to offering personalized care and strong resources to ensure student success.

Career Advancement Opportunities

career advancement opportunities

Getting a degree from the American College of Education opens new doors. This is especially true in education. It helps students get ready for leadership roles that can really change their careers.

Prepare for Leadership Roles in Education

ACE’s programs offer a wide range of studies. They also include hands-on practice. This helps learners gain the skills needed for leadership roles in education.

From being a principal to running whole school districts, ACE sets a firm ground. It helps with the challenges of education leadership. More importantly, it supports making positive changes.

Enhance Marketability and Earning Potential

ACE’s education boosts how attractive and successful students are in their work. Employers see the worth of an ACE degree. It shows a person is serious about growing professionally and solving big issues.

Potential Career Paths Median Salary
School Principal $98,420
Superintendent of Schools $120,210
Education Administrator $79,540
Postsecondary Education Administrator $97,500

The chart above shows some career advancement opportunities and what people can expect to earn. It highlights how valuable an ACE degree is for your career journey.

Join a Network of Accomplished Professionals

network of accomplished professionals

When you get a degree from the American College of Education, you join a community full of successful people. This alumni community lets you meet other professionals. You can make friends and find support. It helps you work together, be active, and do well in your job.

Connect with a Diverse Alumni Community

The American College of Education brings together people from all kinds of backgrounds. By becoming part of this group, you can meet people just like you. You share what you know and learn from others. It makes you grow, both personally and professionally.

Collaborate and Engage with Industry Experts

This college wants you to talk with experts in your field. They can be from the college or outside. Meeting these leaders and experts is a big learning chance. It helps you make new connections and move ahead in your career.

Transferring to an American college to pursue a master’s degree after earning a bachelor’s degree can be a significant step toward enhancing one’s career. I’ve been able to find information on various programs, including M.Ed in early childhood education and organizational management, that are manageable and designed for working adults. Reviews of the American College of Education, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, highlight its well-organized and engaging online degree programs, including graduate-level certificates and degree completion programs in fields like human resource management, instructional design, and healthcare management. With courses in bilingual education, corporate social responsibility, and effective leadership, students can hone their management skills and prepare for roles in both corporate and educational environments. The fully online format, with a manageable workload of 108 to 306 per credit hours, makes it possible for students to balance their work week and academic commitments. Programs like the Ed.D and MSN are particularly praised for their evidence-based content and organizational leadership focus. The American College of Education’s affordable online programs, such as the M.Ed and various specialty micro-credentials, provide an effective way to prepare for leadership roles in diverse fields like telecommunications, the medical field, and beyond. Enrollment in these programs allows students to lead and achieve in their careers, whether in brick-and-mortar settings or through flexible online formats, with many alumni praising the engaging coursework and supportive environment.

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The American College of Education is a leading force in online learning. It offers degree programs that fit around your life, are cheaper, and top-notch. These programs help adults in their jobs and reach their career dreams. ACE focuses on learning through experience and real evidence, giving personalized help. An array of experts are there to guide you through every step. This approach transforms how you learn, opening doors to new chances and boosting your career forward.

ACE takes the ease of online learning and mixes it with real-life lessons and industry skills. This formula prepares students well for their careers. Whether you’re aiming for a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree, or looking to become a better leader, ACE’s education is solid and trusted. Plus, the college is recognized by the Higher Learning Commission.

As a top name in online education, the American College of Education is there for anyone looking to climb the career ladder or grow personally. It offers varied degree programs, one-on-one assistance, and a community that helps you succeed in today’s job world.


Q: What is the American College of Education?

A: The American College of Education is an online college that offers various degree programs in education, including a Master of Education (M.Ed) and Doctorate of Education (Ed.D).

Q: Why should I choose the American College of Education for my studies?

A: The American College of Education provides a high-quality education with a focus on teacher preparation and instructional design, making it a great choice for anyone looking to advance their career in education.

Q: Are degrees from the American College of Education transferable to other institutions?

A: Yes, degrees from the American College of Education are transferable, which can be beneficial if you wish to continue your education elsewhere or if you are seeking career advancement opportunities.

Q: What is the workload like at the American College of Education?

A: The workload at the American College of Education is manageable, with well-organized courses designed to help you succeed in your academic pursuits while balancing other responsibilities.

Q: How does the American College of Education support corporate social responsibility?

A: The American College of Education values corporate social responsibility and integrates it into its programs and operations, fostering a commitment to ethical practices and community engagement.

Q: What is the focus of the Ed.D program at the American College of Education?

A: The Ed.D program at the American College of Education focuses on instructional design and educational leadership, providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in these areas.

Q: How can a degree from the American College of Education benefit my career?

A: A degree from the American College of Education can open up new opportunities for career advancement, increase your earning potential, and enhance your expertise in your field of specialization.