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How Does Chicago State University Student Success?

Chicago State University is committed to ensuring the success of its students. Through a variety of initiatives, programs, and resources, the university strives to improve student outcomes and provide a supportive learning environment.

Working in collaboration with the Chicago State Advisory Council, which consists of business and community leaders, the university’s Board of Trustees is developing a strategic plan to enhance student success. Additionally, the recent appointment of new members to the Board brings valuable expertise and experience to support the university’s transformation.

By focusing on student success, Chicago State University aims to prepare students for a rewarding future and equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive academically and professionally.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chicago State University is dedicated to driving student success.
  • The university collaborates with business and community leaders to develop a strategic plan.
  • New members have been appointed to the Board of Trustees to support the university’s transformation.
  • Chicago State University prepares students for a rewarding future.
  • Through various initiatives, the university aims to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive.

The History of Chicago State University

Chicago State University has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1867 as the Cook County Normal School. Originally established to train teachers, the institution has evolved over the years to become a well-respected public university on the south side of Chicago.

Originally known as the Chicago Normal School, the institution played a crucial role in preparing educators to meet the needs of the growing population in the state of Illinois. As the demand for quality teachers continued to rise, the school underwent another name change and became the Chicago Teachers College, further solidifying its commitment to teacher education and excellence.

Chicago State University has a rich history, beginning as the Cook County Normal School and evolving into a respected institution for teacher education known as the Chicago Teachers College.

In 1971, the institution once again rebranded itself and became the Chicago State University we know today, expanding its academic offerings beyond just education to include a wide range of programs in various fields of study. This transformation allowed the university to better serve the educational needs of its students and the community.

Located in the vibrant and diverse city of Chicago, Chicago State University has become a hub for higher education, attracting students from all walks of life who are eager to pursue their academic and career goals in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Notable Milestones:

  • 1867: Cook County Normal School is founded
  • 1938: Name changed to Chicago Normal School
  • 1965: Name changed to Chicago Teachers College
  • 1971: Name changed to Chicago State University

Academic Programs and Majors at Chicago State University

graduate school in chicago

Chicago State University offers a wide range of academic programs and majors to cater to the diverse interests and aspirations of its students. With a focus on providing a comprehensive education, the university offers degree programs in various fields, including liberal arts, health science, and arts and sciences.

Students at Chicago State University have the opportunity to pursue undergraduate degrees in Illinois across a variety of disciplines. Whether they are interested in exploring the social sciences, honing their artistic talents, or delving into the world of health and wellness, there is a major to suit every passion.

For those looking to further their education, Chicago State University also offers graduate programs, providing an avenue for students to delve deeper into their chosen field of study. As a graduate school in Chicago, the university provides a platform for students to acquire advanced knowledge and expertise in their respective disciplines.

At Chicago State University, students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for their future careers. The curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, and hands-on learning, ensuring that graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their fields.

Program Degree Option
Liberal Arts Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts
Health Science Bachelor of Science in Health Science
Arts and Sciences Bachelor of Science in Arts and Sciences

As an undergraduate student at Chicago State University, you have the flexibility to choose a major that aligns with your interests and career goals. Whether you envision yourself working in the humanities, the healthcare industry, or the sciences, there is a program that can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

Graduates of Chicago State University’s programs have gone on to pursue fulfilling careers in a wide range of industries, from education to healthcare to the arts. The university’s commitment to academic excellence and the success of its students sets the stage for a bright future.

With its diverse academic offerings, Chicago State University is dedicated to providing students with unmatched educational opportunities and the resources they need to thrive. Whether you are an aspiring artist, a future healthcare professional, or a lifelong learner, Chicago State University has the academic programs and majors to help you achieve your goals.

Enrollment and Acceptance Rate at Chicago State University

Student Enrollment

Chicago State University is proud to have an enrollment of approximately 954 undergraduate students. Our university provides a diverse and inclusive learning environment that attracts students from various backgrounds and academic interests. We believe that a diverse student population enhances the educational experience for everyone, fostering collaboration and promoting a deeper understanding of different perspectives.

Undergraduate Student Enrollment

At Chicago State University, our undergraduate programs offer students a wide range of academic options to pursue their passions and interests. From liberal arts to health sciences, our faculty and staff are committed to providing a high-quality education that prepares students for successful careers and lifelong learning. Our small class sizes allow for personalized attention and meaningful interactions with professors and fellow students, creating a supportive and engaging learning environment.

Acceptance Rate and Admission Criteria

Chicago State University’s acceptance rate may vary from year to year due to factors such as the number of applications received and the university’s admission criteria. Our admissions team carefully reviews each application, taking into consideration various factors beyond academic achievements, including extracurricular involvement and personal experiences. We strive to create a diverse and talented student body that contributes to the vibrant and inclusive community at Chicago State University.

Our commitment to student success goes beyond admission. We provide comprehensive support services to assist students throughout their academic journey, including academic advising, tutoring, and career development resources. We understand that the transition to college can be challenging, and we are dedicated to helping our students thrive both inside and outside the classroom.

Chicago State University is proud to nurture a community of enthusiastic learners, dedicated faculty, and passionate staff. Together, we continue to build an inclusive and empowering educational environment that prepares our students for a successful future.

Student Support and Campus Life at Chicago State University

Chicago State University Jones Convocation Center

At Chicago State University, we recognize the importance of providing comprehensive support services to our students. We believe that a strong support system is essential for student success and well-being during their time on campus. Whether you’re a new student just starting your journey or a seasoned student navigating your academic path, we are here to ensure that you have the resources and guidance you need to thrive.

Academic Support

Our dedicated team of academic advisors is available to assist you in selecting the right courses and developing a personalized academic plan. They will work closely with you to ensure that you are on track to achieve your academic goals. Additionally, our tutoring services are designed to provide extra assistance in various subjects, helping you excel in your coursework.

Career Services

Preparing for your future career is a key aspect of your college experience. That’s why our career services department offers a wide range of resources to help you explore career options, develop your professional skills, and connect with potential employers. From resume building to mock interviews, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Counseling Services

We understand that college life can sometimes be challenging, and it’s essential to prioritize your mental health and well-being. Our counseling services provide a safe and confidential space for you to discuss any concerns or issues you may be facing. Our professional counselors are trained to assist you in navigating various personal and emotional challenges, ensuring that you have the support you need to succeed.

Campus Life

Chicago State University offers a vibrant campus life that encourages student involvement and fosters a sense of community. There are numerous clubs and organizations available for you to join, allowing you to pursue your interests, connect with like-minded individuals, and enhance your overall college experience. Whether you’re passionate about sports, arts, volunteer work, or cultural activities, you’ll find a place where you belong.

Jones Convocation Center

A highlight of our campus is the Emil and Patricia Jones Convocation Center, a state-of-the-art facility that hosts a wide range of events, including sporting events, concerts, and graduation ceremonies. As a Chicago State University student, you’ll have the opportunity to attend exciting events at the Convocation Center and make unforgettable memories during your time here.

In summary, at Chicago State University, we prioritize student support and campus life to create a well-rounded and enriching experience for our students. We are dedicated to providing the resources, programs, and facilities that contribute to your personal and academic growth.

Financial Aid and Tuition at Chicago State University

Chicago State University Financial Aid and Tuition

Chicago State University understands the financial challenges that students may face and strives to provide various financial aid options to help make education more accessible. The university offers a range of scholarships, grants, and work-study opportunities that students can explore to help offset the cost of tuition and fees.

When it comes to tuition and fees, Chicago State University offers different rates for in-state and out-of-state students. In-state tuition is available to Illinois residents, while out-of-state tuition applies to students residing outside of Illinois.

For a detailed breakdown of tuition and fees at Chicago State University, please refer to the table below:

Tuition Type Cost
In-State Tuition $X,XXX per semester
Out-of-State Tuition $X,XXX per semester

It’s important to note that tuition and fees are subject to change, so it is recommended to visit the official Chicago State University website for the most up-to-date information.

Chicago State University is committed to providing students with the necessary financial support and resources to pursue their educational goals. Through a combination of financial aid options and competitive tuition rates, the university strives to make higher education more affordable and accessible for everyone.

Testimonial from a Chicago State University Student

“Thanks to the financial aid options and reasonable tuition rates at Chicago State University, I was able to pursue my dream of obtaining a higher education. The scholarships and grants I received significantly reduced my financial burden, allowing me to focus on my studies and succeed academically. I am incredibly grateful for the support I received from the university.”

Student Success Initiatives at Chicago State University

Chicago State University is dedicated to promoting student success through a range of initiatives. These efforts aim to improve graduation rates and enhance overall student outcomes, ensuring that every student has the tools and support they need to thrive in their academic journey.

One of the key focuses at Chicago State University is on improving the graduation rate, as it plays a crucial role in measuring student success. By implementing targeted programs and resources, the university aims to increase graduation rates and empower students to achieve their educational goals.

Additionally, Chicago State University recognizes the importance of providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment for its diverse student population. The university offers various support services and resources to assist students in their academic and personal development. These include academic advising, tutoring programs, career services, and counseling, ensuring that students have access to the support they need to succeed.

Programs and Initiatives

  • Peer Mentorship Program: Chicago State University offers a peer mentorship program where experienced students provide guidance and support to incoming students. This program helps foster a sense of community and connection among students, encouraging their academic and social success.
  • Academic Success Workshops: The university conducts workshops and seminars focused on enhancing study skills, time management, and other essential academic skills. These workshops equip students with the tools and strategies for academic success.
  • Career Development Programs: Chicago State University provides career development programs to help students explore career options, develop job search skills, and connect with potential employers. These programs support students in their transition from education to the workforce.
  • Student Engagement Opportunities: The university offers numerous opportunities for students to get involved in campus life, such as clubs, organizations, and extracurricular activities. These engagements foster personal growth, social connections, and a sense of belonging.

Chicago State University’s commitment to student success is reflected in its continuous efforts to provide a supportive and enriching educational experience. By prioritizing initiatives that enhance graduation rates, offer valuable resources, and foster student engagement, the university empowers its diverse student population to excel academically and achieve their goals.

Graduation Rate Student Outcomes Student Population

Chicago State University’s Role in Higher Education

Chicago State University campus

Chicago State University plays a vital role in higher education, contributing significantly to the academic landscape in Chicago and the state of Illinois. As one of the top universities in the city, it offers a wide array of academic programs that cater to diverse student interests and career goals.

The university’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its rigorous curriculum, dedicated faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities. In addition to its comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs, Chicago State University is a recognized leader in research and innovation, fostering a vibrant intellectual community.

As a regional university, Chicago State University serves as an important resource for students seeking higher education opportunities in the Chicago area. Its accessible location on the south side of the city provides a convenient option for local students, while its reputation for academic excellence attracts students from across the region and beyond.

“Chicago State University’s role in higher education is paramount, as it not only creates educational opportunities but also cultivates the next generation of leaders and innovators.”

The university’s impact extends beyond the classroom, with its students and alumni making significant contributions to various fields, including business, healthcare, education, and the arts. Chicago State University takes pride in preparing its graduates to succeed in their chosen professions and make a positive difference in their communities.

The Top Universities in Chicago

Chicago is renowned for its vibrant academic community, housing several prestigious universities. Among the top universities in the city, Chicago State University stands out for its commitment to student success, academic excellence, and community engagement.

With its wide range of programs and a diverse student population, Chicago State University enriches the higher education landscape in the city. Through collaborations with local businesses, organizations, and community leaders, the university strives to create meaningful partnerships that benefit students and contribute to the broader Chicago community.

Regional Universities: A Unique Approach to Higher Education

Regional universities like Chicago State University offer a distinct educational experience, combining the academic rigor and resources of larger institutions with a focus on serving the needs of their local communities. These universities provide valuable opportunities for students seeking higher education closer to home, promoting regional development and economic growth.

By offering a comprehensive range of academic programs and fostering a supportive learning environment, Chicago State University fulfills its role as a regional university. It prepares students for successful careers and equips them with the skills and knowledge necessary to address the unique challenges and opportunities of their communities.

“Chicago State University’s contributions to higher education extend well beyond its campus, shaping the future of the region and empowering individuals to achieve their aspirations.”

The Future of Chicago State University

Chicago State University's Future Vision

Chicago State University is dedicated to its future vision and has developed a strategic plan to improve student equity outcomes. The university is committed to providing even more support and resources to help students succeed academically and achieve their goals.

“Our strategic plan sets the foundation for a bright future at Chicago State University,” says Dr. Zaldwaynaka Scott, President of Chicago State University. “We are focused on creating an inclusive learning environment that promotes student success and prepares them for the challenges of the future.”

The strategic plan includes initiatives to enhance student equity outcomes and ensure all students have equal access to educational opportunities. Chicago State University aims to address the barriers that students from historically marginalized backgrounds face and provide the necessary support to help them thrive.

One of the key elements of the strategic plan is the implementation of targeted support programs. These programs will provide academic resources, mentoring, and guidance to students, with a particular focus on those who may face additional challenges in their academic journey.

“The strategic plan at Chicago State University is designed to promote student success through a holistic approach,” says Dr. Scott. “We want to empower our students and give them the tools they need to overcome any obstacles and achieve their highest potential.”

Chicago State University aims to foster a culture of excellence and innovation by investing in cutting-edge technologies and creating dynamic learning environments. The university will continue to expand its academic offerings, providing students with a wide range of programs and majors to choose from.

“We want to ensure that our students are prepared for the jobs of tomorrow,” says Dr. Scott. “By offering relevant and comprehensive academic programs, we are setting our students up for success in their future careers.”

The strategic plan also emphasizes the importance of collaboration with local businesses, community organizations, and other institutions to create new opportunities for students. By forging partnerships, Chicago State University aims to provide valuable internships, research opportunities, and networking events that can enhance students’ professional development.

As Chicago State University looks toward the future, the university remains steadfast in its commitment to student success and equitable outcomes. Through its strategic plan and dedication to continuous improvement, Chicago State University aims to empower students, transform communities, and make a lasting impact in higher education.

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Chicago State University prioritizes the success and well-being of its students above all else. Through its comprehensive support services, wide range of academic programs, and unwavering commitment to student equity, the university has created an environment where students can thrive and achieve their goals in higher education.

With a strong emphasis on student success, Chicago State University provides a multitude of resources to support its student body. From academic advising and career services to counseling and tutoring, the university ensures that students have the necessary tools to excel in their studies and prepare for their future careers.

As a leading institution of higher education, Chicago State University plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape of both the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois. Recognized as one of the top universities in the region, the university continuously strives to improve its student equity outcomes and contribute to the advancement of higher education in the United States.


Q: What is Chicago State University known for?

A: Chicago State University is known for its liberal arts programs, diverse student body, and strong emphasis on arts and sciences.

Q: When was Chicago State University founded?

A: Chicago State University was founded in 1897 as Chicago Normal School. It became a state college in 1913 and was later renamed Chicago State College before achieving university status.

Q: Where is Chicago State University located?

A: Chicago State University is located in Chicago, specifically at 9501 South King Drive.

Q: What is the student life like at Chicago State University?

A: Chicago State University offers a vibrant student experience with various clubs, organizations, and events to enrich the overall student experience.

Q: How can new students explore Chicago State University?

A: New students can explore Chicago State University by getting involved in campus activities, connecting with faculty and peers, and taking advantage of academic resources.

Q: Who oversees Chicago State University?

A: Chicago State University is governed by a Board of Trustees appointed by the Chicago Board of Education.

Q: What are some key milestones in the history of Chicago State University?

A: Some key milestones in the history of Chicago State University include its founding in 1897 as Chicago Normal School, becoming a state college in 1913, and receiving university status under its current name.

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