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Experience Howard University Campus Life: Engaging & Cultured

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At Howard University, students join a prestigious legacy and a tight-knit community where thriving for intellectual and emotional growth is at the core of the college experience. Recognized for its vibrant student life at Howard University, the campus boasts over 200 clubs, 21 Division I athletic teams, generous service opportunities, celebrated historically Black Greek organizations, and one of the most notable Homecoming events in the nation. Located in the heart of Washington, D.C., the campus benefits from a strategic and enriching environment providing a diverse and multicultural atmosphere, rich historic landmarks, a thriving arts and entertainment sector, and abundant career opportunities in both public and private sectors. This setting ensures Bison students are uniquely positioned to find their community and engage in a dynamic landscape of academic and cultural exchange.

Key Takeaways

  • Engaging and cultured campus life at Howard University
  • Over 200 clubs and campus organizations for a diverse student community
  • Located in Washington D.C., offering a vibrant and multicultural environment
  • Rich in historic landmarks and heritage for an authentic college campus experience
  • Abundant career opportunities in public and private sectors
  • One of the nation’s most notable Homecoming events
  • A strong focus on academic and cultural exchange with the Howard Bison community

The Pulsating Heart of Campus: Student Organizations & Societies

With over 200 active student organizations, Howard University campus life thrives by offering a vast array of opportunities for students aiming to engage in campus activities while discovering their passions and developing essential life skills. Ranging from geographical clubs, Greek-letter organizations, honor societies, international clubs, school and department clubs, sports clubs, and student religious groups, these organizations are the pulsating heart of the campus.

Each organization strives to foster social cohesiveness, intellectual growth, leadership, and community service, while celebrating the diversity and inclusivity that Howard University stands for. By offering both domestic and international students substantial resources to engage with the campus culture, these groups help individuals participate in community service projects, and pursue personal development.

Scholarship, character, and a high standard of practice are cherished across these groups, and academic support is readily available for those who require it. The following table presents a selection of organizations available for students:

Category Examples of Organizations
Geographical Clubs Texas Club, New York Club, Caribbean Students Association
Greek-Letter Organizations Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Omega Psi Phi
Honor Societies Phi Beta Kappa, Golden Key International Honour Society, Tau Sigma National Honor Society
International Clubs Afrikan Student Union, Chinese Student Union, Latinx Unidos
School and Department Clubs Public Relations Student Society of America, Biology Club, National Society of Black Engineers
Sports Clubs Howard University Rowing Team, Rugby Club, Lacrosse Club
Student Religious Organizations Howard Gospel Choir, Muslim Student Association, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

As a university dedicated to championing multiculturalism and leadership, Howard welcomes students to explore these diverse options and find their niche within the campus community. The words of Dr. Frederick Douglass Patterson, the sixth president of Howard University, encapsulate the institution’s commitment to fostering student engagement:

“Every student should be unrestricted in his search for truth […] and his pursuit of knowledge.”

The myriad of organizations available ensures a fulfilling student life at Howard University, providing countless avenues for personal growth and memories that last a lifetime.

Embracing Diversity: Culture and Community at Howard

embracing diversity at Howard University

International Clubs and the Global Melting Pot

With its dedication to embracing diversity at Howard University, the campus is home to numerous international clubs and cultural groups that contribute to the rich, global student community. Students hailing from various backgrounds have the opportunity to connect and share their experiences, fostering a diverse and harmonious multicultural student life. In addition, the cultural offerings in Washington, D.C., such as embassy events and national arts institutions, provide students with an engaging environment that enhances their appreciation for diverse global cultures.

Historically Black Greek Life: A Legacy of Brotherhood and Sisterhood

Essential to Howard University’s campus culture are the historically black Greek life organizations that uphold a lasting tradition of brotherhood and sisterhood. Famed as the birthplace of many prominent African American fraternities and sororities, Howard boasts a robust campus Greek life scene offering students unique networking and community service avenues. These Greek-letter organizations help shape individuals’ character and academic development, acting as pillars of unity and support throughout their college journey.

“The historical Black college experience at Howard University transcends academics and shapes the cultural, social, and emotional growth of students as well.”

Howard’s Commitment to Cultural Awareness and Education

A steadfast dedication to Howard University cultural awareness is evident in its educational commitment to nurturing a diverse student body that honors its history and heritage. The various clubs and societies on campus work hand in hand with the comprehensive curriculum to foster a well-rounded historical Black college experience. This vital aspect of cultural education at Howard equips students with a solid understanding and respect for their past while preparing them to build successful futures.

  1. Engage with the vibrant global student community through international clubs and cultural groups on campus.
  2. Discover the unique legacy and camaraderie in historically black Greek life organizations at Howard University.
  3. Participate in various activities that promote cultural awareness, contributing to the diverse and welcoming atmosphere at Howard.

Education Beyond Classrooms: Internships and Opportunities in D.C.

Internships and Opportunities in Washington D.C.

Howard University extends the educational experience beyond traditional classroom settings by leveraging its prime location in Washington, D.C. to offer students a plethora of internship and career opportunities. The university’s Office of Career Services connects students with invaluable tools and strategies for successful career searches and confidence-building experiences. Powered by strategic partnerships with platforms like Handshake and proximity to a vast array of influential industries and organizations, Howard students gain hands-on experience, paving the way for success in both public and private sectors.

Opportunities for experiential learning at Howard University are vast, thanks to the wide array of available internships, covering various industries within the public and private sectors. To showcase the diverse offerings and their importance for professional development, let’s take a look at some notable sectors where students can find internships:

Industry Description
Government Capitol Hill internships, opportunities within various government agencies, and political organizations offer students firsthand experience in shaping public policy and influencing change on a national level.
Non-governmental Organizations Working with NGOs and nonprofit associations allows students to have a direct impact on social issues, learn valuable community organizing skills, and contribute to global advocacy efforts.
Media and Communications Internships in newsrooms, public relations firms, and media agencies provide a solid foundation for students pursuing careers in journalism, broadcasting, and digital communication.
Healthcare and Medical Research Exposure to cutting-edge research, clinical practices, and emerging healthcare innovations are invaluable for students seeking a career in medicine, nursing, and healthcare administration.
Technology and Engineering Students can gain practical experience in software development, data analysis, and engineering projects at leading tech companies and innovative startups within the nation’s capital.

This unparalleled access to a diverse range of Howard University career opportunities is only possible due to the university’s strong emphasis on academic resources and its strategic location in Washington, D.C. Students can have peace of mind knowing that the Office of Career Services is committed to helping them navigate the competitive world of internships, providing essential support on their journey to professional success.

Howard University’s Campus Events: A Hub of Student Activity

Howard University teems with student-friendly events that drive campus vibrancy, highlighted by an electrifying Welcome Week that marks the beginning of the academic year. This week-long event encourages students to embrace Howard’s culture, find their communities, and indulge their Bison Pride through various programs. These include social activities, cultural presentations, educational seminars, transfer student receptions, and meet and greets. Tailored to both new and returning students, these events showcase the university’s intent on student engagement, community building, and enrichment beyond the classroom.

Throughout the year, the Howard University campus events schedule serves as a student activity hub, attracting students from various backgrounds and interests. Campus life engagement opportunities abound, each designed to foster personal growth, build relationships, and strengthen the sense of campus culture.

Here are some of the most anticipated student events and activities:

  1. The Leadership and Service Fair invites students to learn about opportunities for leadership development and community service.
  2. Bison Fest features live performances, food, games, and networking opportunities with student organizations and campus departments.
  3. Resfest is a week-long event promoting the spirit of friendly competition among residential communities through a series of games and challenges.
  4. The Cultural Extravaganza showcases the diversity of Howard’s student body through cultural performances, fashion, and cuisine.
  5. The Student Government Association Inauguration introduces newly-elected student leaders, recounting their platforms, aspirations, and outlining their plans for the upcoming academic year.

Howard University campus events serve to create lasting memories and foster a strong sense of pride and belonging within the community.

By participating in these events, Howard students have limitless opportunities to embrace their Bison Pride, engage with the campus culture, and connect with their peers from diverse backgrounds. Whether through attending Welcome Week activities or exploring a vast array of later events, students will find the perfect balance of work and play as they immerse themselves in the dynamic, culturally rich environment that defines Howard University.

Athletics and Spirit: The Bison Pride in NCAA Division I

Bison athletic teams in action

At Howard University, the Bison pride permeates campus life, inspiring students, faculty, and alumni alike. The university’s pursuit of athletic greatness is evident through its NCAA Division I status, with Bison athletic teams showcasing unparalleled dedication and commitment to achieving success.

Competing with Excellence: Howard’s Athletic Teams

With a long-standing tradition of excellence and sportsmanship, Howard University boasts a range of competitive intercollegiate sports for both men and women, ensuring a diverse array of opportunities for student-athletes. These sports include basketball, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, volleyball, tennis, and track and field, among others.

A testament to Howard’s commitment to athletics, the university has fostered an environment that supports the development of well-rounded student-athletes. This dedication is evident in its state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated coaching staff, and spirited fans who cheer the Bison teams to victory.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”—Anonymous

Apart from enhancing the campus spirit and pride, Howard University’s Bison athletic teams also provide a platform for student-athletes to hone their leadership skills, build lasting friendships, and work towards their career goals. These student-athletes embody the spirit of hard work, integrity, and perseverance, which are essential traits in any successful individual.

  1. Commitment to Campus Athletics
  2. Bison Formula for Success
  3. All-Around Student-Athletes
  4. Thriving Campus Spirit and Pride
  5. Endless Opportunities for Growth

Bison athletic teams’ success and achievements inspire future generations of Howard students, who aspire to join the ranks of these exceptional individuals and contribute to the university’s legacy of athletic distinction.

Living on Campus: Housing and Residential Life

Howard University Housing

At Howard University, the on-campus housing experience is a core aspect of vibrant student life. With a range of accommodations tailored to suit every need, the university ensures students have access to all the facilities and support systems needed to excel in their academic and personal pursuits.

All Howard University housing options are designed to provide comfort, safety, and a strong sense of community. These student living accommodations extend beyond traditional campus dormitories, with the university offering a wide array of on-campus housing facilities to cater to various student requirements. By living on campus, students are perfectly positioned to make the most of Howard University’s academic, cultural, and recreational opportunities.

“Living on campus at Howard University has been an integral part of my educational experience—not only have I developed lasting friendships with my hall-mates, but I have also felt more connected to the University as a whole.”

The on-campus housing facilities span from traditional on-campus dormitories to on-campus apartments, ensuring a comprehensive residential life on campus. The residential life on campus at Howard is supported by a team of dedicated, professional staff who work tirelessly to provide a seamless living experience for every student. The friendly and supportive team creates a welcoming atmosphere with events, services, and resources fostering a nurturing community.

On-Campus Housing Type Description Amenities
Traditional Residence Halls Classic dormitory-style living with shared rooms, community bathrooms, and communal spaces. Wi-Fi, cable TV, laundry facilities, study areas, and access to computer labs.
On-Campus Apartments Fully furnished apartment units with private bedrooms, kitchens, and living spaces. Wi-Fi, cable TV, in-unit laundry, and access to fitness centers, study areas, and computer labs.

Integration with the campus community residences is seamless, allowing students to grow personally and academically. Not only does living on campus offer a convenient lifestyle, minimizing daily commuting time to classrooms and campus resources, but it also provides students with ample opportunities to engage with their community and foster lifelong connections.

  1. Convenience: Live steps away from your classes, campus resources, and social events.
  2. Support: Access to dedicated staff and campus resources, enhancing both academic and personal growth.
  3. Community: Foster lasting connections with fellow students while experiencing the rich tapestry of Howard’s campus life.

In conclusion, Howard University’s housing options and residential life combine to provide an ideal environment for personal growth. Living on campus allows students to truly immerse themselves in the illustrious Bison experience and create lasting memories as they pursue their academic and personal aspirations.

Food and Dining: The Flavor of Campus Life

Howard University dining

Howard University’s food and dining landscape offers students a flavorful mix of campus dining services and local eateries that cater to a diverse palate. Drawing from Washington, D.C.’s rich food culture, the campus dining experience is influenced by international cuisines and local culinary traditions.

Students can enjoy accessible and varied dining options, which enrich their on-campus living, and reflect the metropolitan texture of the city’s food scene, celebrating the university’s diverse and vibrant community.

Local Eateries and Campus Dining Options

From dedicated dining facilities on campus to the wide range of local eateries around the university, Howard students have numerous options for satisfying their taste buds and experiencing the distinct flavor of campus life. Below is an overview of the Howard University dining options alongside popular local eats with proximity to the campus.

Dining Services at Howard Local Eateries Near Campus
Einstein Bros. Bagels Busboys and Poets
Chick-fil-A Ben’s Chili Bowl
Starbucks Florida Avenue Grill
Annabel Lee Dining The Potter’s House
Heritage Express Chipotle Mexican Grill

Dining services at Howard are designed to accommodate both on-campus residents and commuting students searching for a quick meal or a leisurely dining experience. The variety of campus food options caters to a range of dietary preferences and needs, ensuring a well-rounded culinary experience for all students.

Meanwhile, the local eateries around campus expose students to the vibrant food culture of Washington, D.C., and offer diverse fare that includes both inexpensive and gourmet dining options. This enticing blend of campus culinary experiences allows students to delight their palates while further enriching their Howard University campus life.

The Howard Homecoming Experience: Tradition Meets Modern Celebration

Howard University Homecoming

Howard University’s Homecoming is a storied tradition that blends the university’s rich cultural heritage with contemporary celebration, attracting alums and students alike. Famed as one of the most significant events on campus, Homecoming serves as a showcase of Bison pride, cultural identity, and community spirit. The event encapsulates the essence of Howard’s historical significance and its ongoing commitment to fostering a sense of excitement and unity among the university family.

Homecoming at Howard University is a true reflection of the campus traditions that have shaped the university’s legacy over the years. The week-long celebration features a variety of student life events, such as engaging and diverse concerts, elaborate fashion shows, networking and career development opportunities, the much-anticipated parade, and thrilling athletic games. These occasions vividly showcase the rich cultural campus festivities that define the Homecoming experience, ensuring that students can share in the institution’s storied past while embracing modern celebrations.

“Howard Homecoming is much more than a celebration; it’s a reunion, a revival, a reconnection with all that we love and cherish about our beloved alma mater.”

Howard University’s Homecoming extends beyond its campus borders, with an impact that embraces the broader Washington, D.C., community. The annual Yardfest, a celebratory outdoor music festival, attracts thousands of attendees and showcases popular music artists from various genres. This gathering is a vibrant centerpiece of the Homecoming activities, creating a space where students, alums, and guests can bond over their shared Bison love while appreciating the university’s commitment to artistic and cultural expression.

  1. Yardfest
  2. Fashion Show
  3. Parade
  4. Tailgate
  5. Football Game
  6. Alumni Networking Events

In conclusion, by striking the perfect balance between traditional and modern celebrations, Howard University Homecoming honors the institution’s prestigious legacy while fostering a renewed sense of community among its diverse student body and alumni. The event’s cultural and festive highlights further solidify Howard’s reputation as a hub for the African American community and an unparalleled destination for students seeking an enriching and spirited campus life.


In conclusion, Howard University campus life offers a rich tapestry woven from the threads of academic excellence, cultural diversity, and spirited community involvement. With its array of student organizations, vibrant cultural scene, myriad career opportunities, diverse events, and deep sense of tradition, Howard provides an environment where students not only learn and grow but also bond and thrive as a unified Bison family.

As we recap Howard University campus life, it’s evident that the university continues to nurture a community of scholars who are well-prepared to take on the world with confidence and grace. From the dynamic and cultured campus life to the exploratory career opportunities in Washington D.C., Bison students embrace their college years, capitalizing on the wealth of resources and supportive environment Howard offers.

Summing up the student experience at Howard University, it’s clear that the overarching campus culture emphasizes both individual and collective success, as well as a commitment to making a positive impact on society. In this endnote on the Howard University community, we recognize the significance of the prestigious Howard legacy and the lasting connections that form within its tight-knit community, setting students up for a promising and fulfilling future.

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Q: How many student organizations are available at Howard University?

A: There are over 200 active student organizations at Howard University, including geographical clubs, Greek-letter organizations, honor societies, international clubs, school and department clubs, sports clubs, and student religious organizations.

Q: Does Howard University offer a variety of on-campus living accommodations?

A: Yes, Howard University offers a range of on-campus housing facilities that provide a safe, comfortable, and convenient environment for students to grow personally and academically.

Q: What athletic opportunities are available for students at Howard University?

A: Howard University has 21 NCAA Division I athletic teams, competing in various sports such as basketball, football, soccer, swimming, and track & field.

Q: What type of campus dining services does Howard University provide?

A: Howard University offers a flavorful mix of campus dining services and local eateries in the surrounding area, catering to diverse palates and influenced by international cuisines and local culinary traditions.

Q: How does Howard University help students find internships and career opportunities?

A: The university’s Office of Career Services connects students with invaluable tools and strategies for successful career searches and confidence-building experiences. These services are enhanced by strategic partnerships with platforms like Handshake and proximity to a vast array of influential industries and organizations in Washington, D.C.

Q: What signature events take place at Howard University?

A: Some of the major events at Howard University include the Welcome Week at the beginning of the academic year, various cultural presentations, and the renowned Homecoming event, which attracts alums and students alike.

Q: How does Howard University celebrate diversity and cultural awareness?

A: Howard University embraces diversity through various international clubs and organizations, historically Black Greek organizations, comprehensive curriculum on African American culture, and participation in wider cultural offerings of Washington, D.C.

Q: What is the campus life like at Howard University?

A: Howard University’s campus life is engaging and cultured, offering various opportunities for students to get involved in diverse organizations and activities.

Q: Is there a focus on sports at Howard University?

A: Yes, Howard University competes in various sports and also offers intramural sports for students to participate in.

Q: How is the student body at Howard University?

A: The student body at Howard University is diverse and includes students from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Q: What measures are taken to ensure campus safety at Howard University?

A: Campus safety is a priority at Howard University, and the university has established safety protocols and a dedicated office of campus safety.

Q: What is the scholarship and financial aid scene like at Howard University?

A: Howard University provides scholarship opportunities for eligible students and offers financial aid assistance to help with college expenses.

Q: How can students relate to the office of campus life at Howard University?

A: Students can relate to the office of campus life as a supportive resource that helps them establish and join various student organizations and activities.

Q: What is the urban setting of Howard University’s location like?

A: Howard University is located in Washington, D.C., creating a distinctive urban setting that is in close proximity to renowned landmarks such as the White House.

Q: What are the opportunities for student engagement in Howard University organizations?

A: Howard University offers a wide array of organizations for students to get involved in, providing avenues for personal and professional growth.

Q: How does the staff at Howard University support student life?

A: The staff at Howard University is committed to providing a supportive and enriching environment for students to thrive in their academic and personal pursuits.

Q: What is the admission process like for undergraduate students at Howard University?

A: The admission process for undergraduate students at please dc content average Howard University includes meeting specific requirements and submitting an application for consideration.

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