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Experience Challenge And Fun At Triple Lakes Golf Course

Located in Millstadt, IL, Triple Lakes Golf Course offers golfers an engaging and enjoyable experience amidst a picturesque parkland setting. Established in 1962, this 18-hole course combines challenge and fun, appealing to players of all skill levels. With a dedicated staff providing excellent service, well-maintained tee boxes, fairways, and greens, Triple Lakes Golf Course promises a memorable golfing experience. Despite varying reviews ranging from praise for the lush course conditions to concerns about steep cart paths, the course’s scenic beauty and competitive rates make it an enticing draw for golfers both local and visiting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Triple Lakes Golf Course is an 18-hole, public golf course located in Millstadt, IL.
  • This picturesque parkland-style course appeals to players of all skill levels.
  • Well-maintained tee boxes, fairways, and greens ensure enjoyable rounds for golfers.
  • Triple Lakes offers competitive rates and accessible booking options for both weekdays and weekends.
  • Golfers can expect to encounter diverse challenges and strategic play throughout the course layout.

Discovering the Triple Lakes Golf Course: An Overview

Triple Lakes Golf Course, situated just outside of St. Louis in Millstadt, IL, is uniquely the only public golf course in the area. Accessible within a 23-minute drive from downtown St. Louis, it welcomes players year-round to experience an 18-hole, par 72 course that spans 6,205 yards. Its serene landscape and countryside ambiance are enhanced by the half-wooded design and wildlife sightings, providing both a visually stunning and strategic golfing experience.

With four sets of tees to accommodate different skill levels, its features such as rolling fairways and sloping greens make it a destination that balances accessibility with challenge. Notably, Triple Lakes Golf Course stands as one of the top-rated golf courses in the area, drawing local and visiting golfers to immerse themselves in the Millstadt golf scene.

“Triple Lakes Golf Course offers a perfect blend of challenge and scenic beauty. It is one of the best golf courses in my area, and I enjoy playing here regularly.”

Along with its status as a must-visit golf destination, Triple Lakes Golf Club takes pride in its well-maintained course and exceptional customer service provided by its knowledgeable staff.

  • Only public golf course in the area
  • 18-hole, par 72 course spanning 6,205 yards
  • Four sets of tees that cater to various skill levels
  • Rolling fairways and sloping greens offer both accessibility and challenge
  • Welcoming atmosphere fostered by passionate staff members

Discover Triple Lakes Golf Course and experience the perfect combination of challenge, beauty, and excellent service it provides to its players.

The Parkland Style Landscape and Scenic Beauty of Triple Lakes

Triple Lakes Golf Course showcases the quintessential parkland style golf course with its combination of wooded areas and openly stretched, tree-lined fairways. The aesthetic appeal of the course is heightened by the presence of wildlife and lush natural surroundings that offer players a tranquil environment. Carefully maintained fairways and greens contribute to the course’s visual appeal while also affecting playability.

A Detailed Look at the Course Aesthetics

Taking a closer look at the Triple Lakes Golf Course aesthetics, it is easy to see why many consider it one of the most scenic golf courses in the area. The beautiful golf landscapes, ranging from dense forests to expansive meadows, create a natural harmony that is both visually appealing and strategically challenging. This picturesque setting allows golfers to enjoy not only the sport but also the calming ambience that nature has to offer.

Wildlife and Natural Elements on the Fairways

Embracing the natural elements, Triple Lakes Golf Course presents a countryside vibe where golfers can not only enjoy the sport but also the frequent sightings of wildlife on golf courses. The contrasting landscapes, with some parts more densely wooded and others widely open, add an element of surprise and delight, enhancing the overall golfing experience with nature’s touch.

  • Natural golf course elements: From ponds and creeks to mature trees and native grasses, Triple Lakes takes full advantage of the natural resources available, creating a unique and engaging layout.
  • Triple Lakes natural beauty: The lush green meadows, the reflection of the forest in the serene water bodies, and the brilliant sky overhead create an unforgettable experience for golfers of all ages and skill levels.
  • Wildlife in abundance: Golfers are likely to encounter deer, foxes, rabbits, and various species of birds as they make their way along the fairways, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the game and connecting players with nature.

In conclusion, Triple Lakes Golf Course is much more than just a golfing destination; it is a place where players can immerse themselves in the sublime beauty of nature as they navigate the intricacies of the course. Whether one is new to golf or a seasoned pro, the parkland style landscape and scenic vistas at Triple Lakes are sure to leave a lasting, memorable impression.

Navigating the Challenges: Holes, Par, and Slope Ratings

Triple Lakes Golf Course Challenge

Golf enthusiasts visiting Triple Lakes Golf Course will encounter various challenges as they traverse the course’s 18 holes, each offering unique slope difficulties and ratings. The diverse range of tee boxes accommodates both novice and seasoned players, rendering an array of experiences throughout the course. Despite its relatively modest length, golfers will face challenges that test their skills and strategies with every shot.

Some holes present more forgiving fairways that facilitate straightforward play, while small, heavily sloped greens complicate putting on others. The strategic course layout encourages players to assess their approach to various golf hole challenges and adjust accordingly. Furthermore, the Triple Lakes Golf Course ratings provide a clear understanding of the course’s level of difficulty.

“The variety in hole layouts and challenges kept me on my toes throughout my round, pushing me to think strategically and adapt my playstyle as needed. Triple Lakes has a bit of everything!”

For players who are eager to compare their skills against the course’s inherent challenges, understanding slope ratings and golf par is crucial. As a golfer progresses through each hole, they must be aware of the varying difficulties present in order to adapt and succeed.

Breaking Down the Course Ratings

Hole Par Course Rating Slope Rating
1 4 63.5 118
2 3 62.1 113
3 5 64.3 120
4 4 62.6 114

As evident in the table above, the course ratings and slope ratings vary across different holes, emphasizing the importance of strategizing and adapting one’s playstyle accordingly. Reading up on golf course reviews can also be helpful in understanding the challenges and strategies proposed by fellow golfers while embarking on a round at Triple Lakes Golf Course.

  1. Review the course layout and hole-by-hole descriptions in preparation for your round
  2. Keep the course rating and slope rating in mind for each hole to gauge the degree of difficulty
  3. Pay attention to fellow golfers’ experiences and insights in golf course reviews
  4. Adapt your playstyle and strategy to accommodate the changing challenges throughout the course

By utilizing the information provided here and applying the strategic tips, golfers can better navigate the challenges posed by the holes, par, and slope ratings at Triple Lakes Golf Course, ensuring a fulfilling and enjoyable experience on the greens.

The Triple Lakes Experience: Reviews and Testimonials

Golfers at Triple Lakes Golf Course

As a highly regarded golf course, Triple Lakes Golf Course has attracted a significant number of players who have been eager to share their experiences. By examining golfer testimonials and reviews of Triple Lakes, one can gain a better understanding of what this course has to offer.

Most golfers heap praise on the course condition and the challenging landscape that Triple Lakes provides. The well-maintained fairways and greens, along with the strategic course design, ensure a satisfactory golf course experience for many players. In addition, golfers often highlight the friendly and capable staff, who consistently deliver excellent customer service and create a welcoming atmosphere.

“The course was in top shape with the greens rolling true and fast. The staff was welcoming and friendly. I always have a great experience at Triple Lakes Golf Course. Highly recommended!”

However, just as with any golf course, Triple Lakes Golf Course has its detractors. Some negative reviews mention concerns over course conditions, with specific critiques focused on steep hills, which can prove challenging for those navigating the course on foot or with a cart. Nonetheless, many players express satisfaction overall and recommend the course as a convenient and enjoyable place to play.

Pros Cons
Well-maintained fairways and greens Steep hills can be difficult to navigate
Friendly and capable staff Some issues with course maintenance
Challenging landscape Occasional staff interactions may be unpleasant
High value for cost

To gain an accurate understanding of the Triple Lakes Golf Course’s offerings, it is essential to consider both positive and negative reviews. While some elements may not be suited to all golfers, the golf course continues to provide a worthwhile experience at a competitive price for many players seeking a challenge. Ultimately, personal golf course experiences and preferences will determine whether Triple Lakes Golf Course is the ideal destination for a round of golf.

Strategic Play at Triple Lakes: Tips for Golfers

Triple Lakes Golf Course Strategy

Possessing golf course knowledge is essential for navigating the strategic challenges presented by Triple Lakes Golf Course. With a distinctive course layout, it’s important to understand its intricacies to improve your golf strategy and overall performance.

Understanding the Importance of Course Knowledge

Having a thorough understanding of the Triple Lakes Golf Course layout enables you to make more informed decisions during your round. Recognize the subtle undulations of the fairways and anticipate the greens’ slope, allowing for better shot selection and a more enjoyable overall experience. Gaining course knowledge through practice rounds and experience will greatly enhance your golfing strategy and overall success at Triple Lakes.

How to Approach the Iconic Holes

Each hole at Triple Lakes Golf Course presents unique challenges that require a specific approach. To ace some of the iconic holes, keep these Triple Lakes tips in mind:

  1. Analyze the hole layout and identify potential hazards.
  2. Choose your club wisely for each shot.
  3. Focus on controlled shots around hazards and difficult greens.
  4. Manage uneven lies due to the course’s hilly terrain.
  5. Don’t be afraid to lay up and strategize for the next shot, if necessary.

Approaching each hole with a solid plan based on your golf course knowledge will improve your play and yield better results.

Tackling the Greens: Improving Your Short Game

With small, heavily sloping greens, Triple Lakes Golf Course places a premium on the short game. To refine your short game skills, focus on:

  • Triple Lakes putting: Practice reading the breaks and gauging the speed of your putts.
  • Chipping: Improve your contact and distance control around the greens.
  • Pitching: Work on controlling trajectory for higher lofted shots that land softly.

“Give a man a lever long enough, and he can move the world with a sand wedge.” – Unknown golfer

Practicing your short game skills, especially putting and chipping, can significantly improve your overall performance on the challenging greens at Triple Lakes Golf Course. With a focused approach and comprehensive knowledge of the course layout, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle any situation the course throws at you.

Tee Time at Triple Lakes: Booking and Rates

Triple Lakes Golf Course tee times

Booking a tee time at Triple Lakes Golf Course is a straightforward process, with options for both weekdays and weekends & holidays. When you are ready to book golf time, you’ll find that golf rates are competitive, and there are specific deals available, such as reduced rates for seniors and post-1 PM play.

The club also hosts Senior Scramble Wednesdays and offers a range of time slots to accommodate golfers’ schedules. For those interested in tee time availability, we recommend checking the course’s website or contacting the course directly. Below is a table to provide you with an overview of the golf course fees at Triple Lakes Golf Course:

Rate Type Weekdays Weekends & Holidays
Regular Rate $32 (18 holes) $38 (18 holes)
Senior Rate $25 (18 holes) $33 (18 holes)
Post-1 PM Rate $25 (18 holes) $30 (18 holes)

Please note that these prices are subject to change and may vary according to promotions and other factors. We encourage golfers to visit the Triple Lakes Golf Course website or contact the staff directly for the most up-to-date information on tee time booking and rates.

Triple Lakes Golf Club Amenities and Facilities

Triple Lakes facilities

Taking both the golf club amenities and Triple Lakes facilities into account, players will find several on-site comforts that enrich the overall experience. Though the golf course location might not feature a driving range, golfers can take advantage of a putting green for practice.

The clubhouse offers a place for golfers to take a break and enjoy a selection of snacks and refreshments. To cater to their golfing needs, the pro shop is well stocked with accessories and apparel from major golf brands.

Triple Lakes Golf Club’s amenities and the passion of the staff contribute to an all-encompassing golf experience.

While the club does not have a golf school or academy, and the absence of professionals for lessons and clinics might be noticeable, players can still learn from their experience on the course. Alongside the sporting aspects, the amenities and golf course location combine to ensure a memorable golfing adventure.

  1. Putting green for honing short game skills
  2. Clubhouse facility providing snacks and refreshments
  3. Pro shop stocked with major golf brands for accessories and apparel

In summary, Triple Lakes Golf Club’s amenities and facilities offer golfers an enjoyable golfing experience, with the staff’s commitment enriching their visit despite some limitations. The combination of the golf course location, available facilities, and the beauty of the course itself ensures that Triple Lakes Golf Club remains a popular destination for local and visiting golfers.

Events and Community: More Than Just Golf

Triple Lakes Golf Club hosting community golf events

Triple Lakes Golf Club goes beyond the sport itself, as it serves as a hub for various community-based activities. By hosting a variety of golf tournaments and social gatherings, the club fosters a sense of camaraderie among golfers and local residents, enriching the overall golfer experience. Offering the perfect venue for both competitive and laid-back events, Triple Lakes ensures that golf enthusiasts can enjoy memorable encounters while strengthening bonds with the local community.

Triple Lakes Golf Club is not just about golf; it’s about creating a welcoming environment that brings people together through shared experiences on and off the green.

Triple Lakes Golf Club’s commitment to hosting diverse community golf events is evident in its event calendar. Golfers can participate in an array of unique tournaments, including charity fundraisers, corporate outings, and friendly competitions among members. The club also organizes hosting golf gatherings for non-golf events and private parties like receptions, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Hosting Tournaments and Social Gatherings

Engaging people with different interests, the club offers an extensive range of events to suit varying preferences. Examples of Triple Lakes activities include:

  1. Charity Golf Tournaments: Combining golf with philanthropy to raise funds for worthy causes.
  2. Friendly Leagues: Encouraging golfers to compete with one another while bonding over the shared passion for the sport.
  3. Corporate Golf Outings: Facilitating team building and networking opportunities for businesses in a unique and exciting setting.
  4. Private Celebrations: Hosting memorable events for various occasions such as family reunions, anniversary parties, and more.

Thanks to Triple Lakes Golf Club’s dedication to serving as a hub for community-building activities, it has emerged as an essential part of the area’s social fabric. It not only enhances the lives of its members and guests but also leaves a lasting positive impact on the local community.

The Pro Shop: Gear Up for Your Round

Before stepping onto the greens at Triple Lakes Golf Course, be sure to visit the fully-stocked golf pro shop to gear up for your round. Offering an impressive selection of Triple Lakes gear, golf apparel, and golf accessories, the pro shop is designed to cater to every golfer’s needs and preferences. Stocking items from major golf brands, this one-stop-shop ensures that golfers find everything they need to excel on the course.

Find your perfect gear at the Triple Lakes Golf Pro Shop!

The well-organized shop is divided into sections for easier navigation, with each section showcasing a range of products:

  • Golf apparel – stylish and comfortable clothing to keep you looking your best on the course
  • Golf accessories – from gloves and golf balls to tees and towels, find all the essentials here
  • Triple Lakes gear – proudly wear your Triple Lakes pride with exclusive branded products

Golfers can browse through popular brands such as Titleist, FootJoy, Callaway, TaylorMade, and more to ensure they’re hitting the greens with quality products that enhance their game. Meanwhile, the friendly and knowledgeable staff will be on hand to provide assistance and ensure customers find precisely what they’re looking for.

Categories Major Golf Brands Most Popular Products
Golf Apparel Adidas, Puma, Nike Shirts, Pants, Jackets
Golf Accessories Titleist, Callaway, Taylormade Golf balls, Gloves, Tees
Triple Lakes Gear Under Armour, Nike Hats, Polo Shirts, T-Shirts

In summary, make it a point to drop by the Triple Lakes Golf Course pro shop to discover an extensive array of golf apparel, accessories, and gear from noteworthy brands. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer in need of new equipment or a beginner seeking guidance on quality products, the pro shop staff will ensure that you step onto the course feeling fully prepared and equipped for an exceptional golfing experience.

How to Get to Triple Lakes Golf Course: Directions and Accessibility

Accessibility is one of the significant advantages of Triple Lakes Golf Course, located at 6942 Triple Lakes Rd. Millstadt, IL 62260, and easily reached in under half an hour from downtown St. Louis. For those in the St. Louis area and beyond, the course’s proximity and clear directions make it an accessible destination for a day on the greens.

To provide you with a better understanding of its location and accessibility, here is a summary of the main routes from notable points of interest:

Starting Point Route Approximate Duration
Downtown St. Louis Head south on I-64 W, take exit 9 for IL-158 W/Camp Jackson Rd, continue onto IL-158 W, and then turn right onto Triple Lakes Rd. 23 minutes
St. Louis Lambert International Airport Take I-70 E, then merge onto I-64 E, take exit 23 for IL-157 S, turn right onto IL-161 E and then turn left onto Triple Lakes Rd. 40 minutes
Belleville, IL Head west on IL-15 W, turn right onto IL-163 S, and then turn left onto Triple Lakes Rd. 20 minutes

Utilizing these routes for directions to Triple Lakes Golf Course, as well as the provided address and other navigational aids, ensures that golfers can ultimately enjoy a great day of St. Louis golf at this prime Triple Lakes location.


In conclusion, Triple Lakes Golf Course offers a comprehensive golfing experience highlighted by its challenging layout, scenic beauty, and welcoming atmosphere. Despite mixed reviews, many golfers recognize the value and enjoyment found in the course’s features and services. Whether seeking a competitive round or a relaxing day of golf, Triple Lakes stands as a noteworthy destination in the Millstadt region, ready to cater to golfers from near and far.

With various amenities and facilities, including a pro shop stocked with major golf brands, Triple Lakes Golf Course ensures players have everything they need for an optimal golfing experience. The club also embraces a sense of community through hosting social gatherings and tournaments, making it more than just a golf course.

Taking into account the course’s strategic play, as well as the importance of understanding the layout and leveraging course knowledge, visitors to Triple Lakes Golf Course can expect a gratifying golf outing. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Triple Lakes, a golf course that provides a challenge and stunning scenery, undoubtedly leaving a lasting impression. Book your tee time today at this unique golfing destination!

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Q: What is Triple Lakes Golf Course?

A: Triple Lakes Golf Course is a renowned golf course located in Millstadt, Illinois. It offers an 18-hole scenic golf experience, catering to both seasoned players and beginners.

Q: How can I find the scorecard for Triple Lakes Golf Course?

A: You can find the scorecard for Triple Lakes Golf Course on close their official website triple lakes golf course tee or by visiting the golf course in person. It provides a detailed layout of the course and par information for each hole.

Q: Where is Triple Lakes Golf Course located?

A: Triple Lakes Golf Course is located at 6942 Triple Lakes Ln, Millstadt, Illinois. It is conveniently situated for golf enthusiasts in the area and anyone visiting from nearby counties.

Q: When was Triple Lakes Golf Course established?

A: Triple Lakes Golf Course was established in 1962, making it a longstanding and well-established golfing destination in the area.

Q: Can I book tee times at Triple Lakes Golf Course online?

A: Yes, you can book tee times at Triple Lakes Golf Course online through their official website or by contacting the course directly for tee time availability. It’s recommended to book in advance, especially during peak hours.

Q: What are the operating hours of Triple Lakes Golf Course?

A: The operating hours of Triple Lakes Golf Course may vary, but they are generally open during daylight hours. For specific information on their operating hours, feel free to contact the course directly.

Q: Are there any nearby courses to Triple Lakes Golf Course?

A: Yes, there are nearby golf courses to Triple Lakes Golf Course. Golf enthusiasts can explore other golfing options in the area and make the most out of their golfing experience.

Q: What are some fun activities to do at Triple Lakes Golf Course?

A: Apart from playing 18-holes of golf, visitors can take stunning photos of the picturesque surroundings at Triple Lakes Golf Course. The area offers a serene and scenic environment for leisure and relaxation.

Q: Can I host events or gatherings at Triple Lakes Golf Course?

A: Yes, Triple Lakes Golf Course offers event hosting facilities, making it a suitable venue for special occasions such as tournaments, corporate events, or social gatherings. For more information, please contact the course directly.

Q: Is Triple Lakes Golf Course open daily?

A: Yes, Triple Lakes Golf Course is open daily, providing golf enthusiasts with the opportunity to enjoy their favorite sport on a regular basis. However, for any specific information regarding their hours, it’s best to reach out to the course directly.

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