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Explore University Of Beer: Craft, Taste & Education

Welcome to University of Beer, your ultimate destination for craft beer exploration, tasting experiences, and in-depth brewing education. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or aspiring to pursue a career in the beer industry, we offer a wide range of opportunities to learn and savor the world of craft beer.

Key Takeaways:

  • University of Beer offers craft beer education programs, including beer brewing courses and beer tasting classes.
  • Our multiple locations in California provide a unique craft beer bar experience, featuring a rotating selection of brews from local breweries.
  • We pride ourselves on offering a variety of locally sourced and fresh house-made food.
  • With an impressive beer selection, we cater to a wide range of beer preferences, showcasing the best of the craft beer industry.
  • Joining our team means being part of a company committed to personal and professional development in the beer industry.

About University of Beer

The University of Beer, founded in 2012, is dedicated to creating a beer lover’s paradise. With a strong focus on craft beer, they take immense pride in showcasing the exceptional works of small and independent breweries across the United States. At the University of Beer, they understand that craft beer is more than just a beverage – it’s a culture, a passion, and an art form.

As advocates for the craft beer movement, the University of Beer offers a range of craft beer education programs and experiences. They believe that education is key to fully appreciating and understanding the beauty of craft beer. Whether you’re an enthusiast or aspiring professional, the University of Beer has something to offer.

Here are some key offerings from the University of Beer:

  1. Craft Beer Education Programs: From beer brewing courses to beer tasting classes, the University of Beer provides comprehensive training and education in the world of craft beer. Their programs are designed to enhance your knowledge, skills, and appreciation for craft beer.
  2. Beer Sommelier Program: Elevate your beer expertise with their beer sommelier program. Learn the art of beer pairing, beer styles, and advanced sensory analysis techniques from industry professionals.

“Craft beer education is essential in fostering a deeper appreciation for the art and science behind each brew. At the University of Beer, we strive to cultivate beer enthusiasts and empower future professionals in the industry.”

At the University of Beer, they believe that craft beer should be celebrated, explored, and enjoyed to its fullest extent. With their commitment to education and passion for small and independent breweries, they aim to create a community of beer lovers who appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry that goes into every pint.

Locations and Hours

University of Beer

University of Beer has multiple locations in California, including Sacramento, East Sacramento, Folsom, and Vacaville. Each location offers a unique craft beer bar experience, featuring a rotating selection of the freshest craft brews from local breweries in the Sacramento area and beyond. Whether you’re in the mood for a hoppy IPA, a smooth stout, or a crisp lager, University of Beer has something to satisfy every beer enthusiast.

The hours of operation vary by location, but University of Beer is open for lunch and dinner throughout the week, providing ample opportunities to indulge in your favorite craft brews. They also offer weekend hours, making it the perfect spot to relax and unwind with friends over a pint or two. Check out the table below for a detailed overview of the hours at each University of Beer location:

Location Hours of Operation
Sacramento Lunch: 11:30am – 3:00pm
Dinner: 5:00pm – 10:00pm
East Sacramento Lunch: 11:30am – 3:00pm
Dinner: 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Folsom Lunch: 12:00pm – 3:30pm
Dinner: 5:30pm – 11:00pm
Vacaville Lunch: 12:00pm – 3:30pm
Dinner: 5:30pm – 11:00pm

Experience the vibrant craft beer scene in California at University of Beer. With multiple locations and convenient hours, you can satisfy your craft beer cravings and discover new favorites in a welcoming and lively atmosphere.

Food Menu

At University of Beer, we take great pride in offering a diverse and delicious food menu to complement our exceptional craft beer selection. Our food is locally sourced and made in-house, ensuring the highest quality and freshness. From juicy fresh beef burgers to mouthwatering sushi-grade Ahi, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Here are some of our signature dishes:

Menu Item Description
Fresh Beef Burgers Our burgers are made with premium, locally sourced beef and grilled to perfection. Served with your choice of toppings and a side of crispy fries.
Sushi-Grade Ahi Indulge in the freshest, sushi-grade Ahi tuna. Sliced thinly and served with soy sauce and wasabi, it’s a perfect dish for seafood lovers.
Craft Beer-Battered Cod Our cod is coated in a flavorful craft beer batter and fried to a golden crisp. Served with tartar sauce and a side of coleslaw, it’s a classic favorite.

In addition to these mouthwatering dishes, our menu also features a variety of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and wraps. All of our food is made with care and attention to detail, using the freshest ingredients available.

Join us at University of Beer for a delightful dining experience where you can enjoy delicious food and discover new craft beers.

Beer Selection

At University of Beer, we take great pride in curating an impressive beer selection that showcases the best of craft beer from local breweries. With dozens of taps, we offer a diverse and constantly rotating selection, ensuring that each visit to our establishment is a unique and exciting experience.

Our commitment to supporting local breweries means that you’ll always find the freshest craft brews on our rotating taps. We believe in celebrating the creativity and craftsmanship of these breweries, and our beer selection is a testament to their exceptional work.

Discover a World of Flavors

From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts, our beer selection caters to a wide range of beer preferences. We understand that taste is subjective, and we strive to offer something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of classic styles or love trying new and innovative brews, you’ll find a beer that suits your palate at University of Beer.

Our diverse selection not only includes popular choices but also highlights lesser-known gems from local breweries. We believe in supporting the craft beer community and giving these talented brewers the recognition they deserve.

Constantly Evolving and Exciting

What sets us apart is our commitment to rotating our taps continuously. This means that each time you visit, you’ll find a fresh selection of brews to explore. We believe in offering our patrons a dynamic and ever-changing experience, always exposing them to new flavors and styles.

Our beer selection is carefully curated to reflect the current trends, with an emphasis on quality and variety. Whether you’re a craft beer connoisseur or just starting to dip your toes into the world of craft beer, we have options that will pique your interest and expand your palate.

Join us at University of Beer, where we offer a medium-full body beer experience with a rotating selection from local breweries, ensuring a diverse and exciting range of flavors. Discover the craft beer world one pint at a time!


University of Beer is not just a place to enjoy great beer and food, but also a hub for fun and exciting events. They host a variety of events throughout the week, including trivia nights, live music performances, and karaoke. These events create a vibrant and entertaining atmosphere, making University of Beer a go-to destination for those seeking a memorable night out.

Whether you’re a beer enthusiast, a music lover, or a trivia whiz, University of Beer has something for everyone. Join in the excitement and participate in their trivia nights, where you can test your knowledge and compete for prizes. If you’re looking for live entertainment, their live music performances showcase talented artists in various genres, creating a lively ambiance for all to enjoy. And for those who love to sing, their karaoke nights provide the perfect opportunity to grab the mic and show off your vocal skills.

Whatever your preference, the events at University of Beer promise a night filled with laughter, good company, and unforgettable moments. With a welcoming and lively atmosphere, you’ll find yourself immersed in the energy of the crowd as you sip on your favorite craft beer and indulge in delicious food. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the excitement of University of Beer’s events and make lasting memories with friends and fellow beer enthusiasts.

Our Story

The University of Beer is not just any beer establishment; it was established in 2012 with a clear vision in mind: to create a beer lover’s paradise. We are deeply passionate about the craft beer industry and take great pride in promoting the diverse and extraordinary works of small and independent breweries across America. Our commitment to supporting these breweries goes beyond showcasing their products; it extends to fostering a sense of community and appreciation for craft beer among local enthusiasts.

At the University of Beer, we believe that craft beer is more than just a beverage; it is a cultural phenomenon that brings people together and creates lasting connections within local communities. By celebrating the artistry and craftsmanship of small and independent breweries, we aim to create a space where beer lovers can gather, explore, and share their passion for craft beer.

“Craft beer is not just a drink; it’s an experience that connects people, cultures, and communities. At the University of Beer, we strive to create a haven where craft beer enthusiasts can dive deep into the world of small and independent breweries.”

Through our dedication to craft beer education, exclusive beer selections, and exciting events, we have transformed the University of Beer into a true beer lover’s paradise. When you visit us, you’ll not only have the opportunity to enjoy a great pint of craft beer, but also to engage with like-minded individuals who share your love and enthusiasm for the art of brewing.

Supporting Local Breweries

One of our core beliefs is the importance of supporting local communities by championing small and independent breweries. We recognize the immense talent and dedication of these brewers and strive to give them a platform to showcase their craft. By sourcing our beers from local breweries, we contribute to the growth of the craft beer industry and help create a sustainable and vibrant beer culture within our communities.

When you step into the University of Beer, you’re not only embarking on a journey of taste and exploration; you’re also enriching the lives of brewers, supporting local economies, and contributing to the vibrancy of the craft beer scene.

Our Team

At University of Beer, we believe that our team is the driving force behind our success. We are committed to providing exciting career opportunities for individuals who share our passion for beer and delivering high-quality products and experiences. When you join the University of Beer team, you become part of a community that values great people and fosters personal and professional development.

We strive to create a supportive and engaging work environment where employees can grow, thrive, and contribute to the beer industry. Our dedicated team members are at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that our customers have an exceptional experience every time they visit.

Being a part of University of Beer means joining a team that values camaraderie, collaboration, and continuous improvement. We believe in the power of great teamwork to create memorable moments and build lasting connections with our customers.

If you are enthusiastic about beer, enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, and have a passion for providing exceptional service, we invite you to join our team. Explore the various career opportunities at University of Beer and embark on an exciting journey in the beer industry.

“The University of Beer team is like a family. We work together, learn together, and celebrate together. It’s a place where I can see personal and professional growth happening every day.” – Sarah Thompson, Assistant Manager

Why Join Our Team

At University of Beer, we offer more than just a job. Here are a few reasons why joining our team is an excellent opportunity:

  • Gain valuable experience in the beer industry and be part of a thriving community.
  • Work alongside talented individuals who are passionate about craft beer.
  • Receive ongoing training and development to enhance your skills and knowledge.
  • Enjoy a fun and dynamic work environment that prioritizes teamwork and collaboration.
  • Benefit from competitive compensation and employee perks.

At University of Beer, we value and recognize the contributions of our team members. Join us and be a part of our mission to deliver exceptional beer experiences.

Current Job Openings

We have various job openings at University of Beer. Whether you are interested in bartending, kitchen operations, event planning, or management, there are opportunities to grow and excel in your career with us. Here are some of our current openings:

Position Location Requirements
Bartender Sacramento, CA Previous bartending experience preferred
Kitchen Manager Folsom, CA Experience in kitchen management
Event Coordinator East Sacramento, CA Strong organizational and communication skills
Assistant General Manager Vacaville, CA Prior experience in restaurant management

If you are interested in any of the above positions or want to learn more about career opportunities with University of Beer, please visit our careers page or contact our HR department directly.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, ideas, or feedback, feel free to reach out to University of Beer. We value your input and strive to provide the best experience for our guests. You can contact us via phone or email, and we are always open to hearing from beer enthusiasts and those looking to explore the world of craft beer.

Contact Information:

  • Phone: 123-456-7890
  • Email:

Customer Feedback:

We value your opinion! If you have any feedback or suggestions that can help us improve our offerings or services, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Your feedback is important to us as we strive to create the best beer experience for our customers.

Beer Exploration Course

In partnership with local brewery 6 Bears & a Goat Brewing, University of Beer offers a beer exploration course. This two-evening course allows participants to learn about the brewing process, taste different beers, and enjoy food pairings in a fun and educational environment.

The course covers the history, origins, and styles of beer, as well as the latest trends and developments in the craft beer industry. Participants will have the opportunity to dive deep into the world of beer, exploring its rich heritage and the diverse range of flavors and aromas it offers.

During the first evening, attendees will delve into the brewing process, learning about the ingredients, equipment, and techniques that go into creating different beer styles. Expert instructors from 6 Bears & a Goat Brewing will guide participants through the step-by-step process, providing insights and answering questions along the way.

As part of the course, participants will also have the chance to taste a variety of beers, ranging from classic styles to more experimental and innovative brews. The tastings will be accompanied by food pairings, carefully selected to enhance the flavor profiles of the beers and provide a comprehensive sensory experience.

The second evening of the course will include a behind-the-scenes brewery tour at 6 Bears & a Goat Brewing. Participants will get an up-close look at the brewing facilities, gaining a deeper understanding of the production process and the intricate details that contribute to the quality and taste of the beers.

This immersive beer exploration course creates an enjoyable and educational environment for beer enthusiasts to expand their knowledge, refine their palate, and appreciate the artistry behind their favorite craft brews.

Whether you’re a curious beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, the beer exploration course at University of Beer is an excellent opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of craft beer. Gain a deeper appreciation for the brewing process, taste different beers, explore food pairings, and connect with fellow beer lovers in a dynamic and educational setting.


University of Beer is the ultimate destination for craft beer enthusiasts and those looking to immerse themselves in the world of beer. With an extensive selection of craft brews, delicious food, exciting events, and educational offerings, they provide a complete and immersive experience for beer lovers.

Whether you’re a seasoned beer connoisseur or just starting your journey into the world of craft beer, University of Beer offers something for everyone. Their wide range of craft brews allows you to explore different flavors, styles, and breweries, expanding your beer knowledge with every visit.

But it’s not just about the beer at University of Beer. Their mouthwatering food menu complements the beer selection perfectly, ensuring a satisfying dining experience. From fresh beef burgers to sushi-grade Ahi, their locally sourced and house-made food options are designed to pair perfectly with the craft brews.

In addition to the delicious food and beer, University of Beer also hosts a variety of fun and exciting events. Whether it’s trivia night, live music performances, or karaoke, there’s always something happening to enhance your experience and create lasting memories.

If you’re looking for more than just a great beer and food experience, University of Beer also offers educational opportunities. Their beer education programs, including beer brewing courses and beer tasting classes, allow you to deepen your understanding of the brewing process and learn from industry experts.

Discover the joy of craft beer at University of Beer today and indulge in a complete experience of great beer, delicious food, exciting events, and enriching education.

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Q: What is University of Beer (UOB) all about?

A: University of Beer is a craft beer pub and kitchen located in East Sacramento. It offers an extensive selection of craft beers and a menu featuring delicious burgers, onion, pickle, chip, sauces, and other tasty options.

Q: What are some of the amenities offered at University of Beer?

A: University of Beer provides a welcoming environment for beer enthusiasts and food lovers alike, with a spacious patio, a cozy pub setting, and a mug club for beer aficionados to enjoy exclusive benefits.

Q: What type of food can I expect at University of Beer?

A: University of Beer offers a delectable menu featuring craft beer-friendly dishes such as burgers, spicy Thai flavors, chicken street tacos, guacamole, and more. The menu also includes mouth-watering options like habanero fish tacos, chicken wraps, and drunken pig fries.

Q: How can I join the mug club at University of Beer?

A: To become a member of the mug club and enjoy special perks and discounts, you can inquire with the staff at University of Beer or check their official website for membership details and benefits.

Q: Are there any special promotions or guest specials at University of Beer?

A: University of Beer often features guest specials and promotions on certain days, such as Sunday beer specials, happy hour deals, and unique dishes like ahi lettuce cups, shrimp wraps, or pork mac and cheese.

Q: How can I provide feedback or write a review for University of Beer?

A: If you’ve visited University of Beer and want to share your experience, you can leave a review on platforms like Yelp or utilize the feedback mechanisms available on their website or social media channels to provide your valuable input.

Q: Does University of Beer offer catering services?

A: Yes, University of Beer provides catering services for various events and occasions. You can explore their catering options and menu choices to cater craft beer and flavorful dishes for your gathering or celebration.

Q: What are some popular dishes at University of Beer?

A: Some of the popular dishes at University of Beer include the drunken pig fries, pulled pork sliders, street tacos, habanero fish tacos, and mouth-watering nachos, all designed to complement the craft beer selections.

Q: Is University of Beer kid-friendly?

A: University of Beer welcomes guests of all ages. While it’s a popular destination for craft beer enthusiasts, families can enjoy a laid-back dining experience, and kids can find options like a tasty burger, chicken strips, or other kid-friendly choices on the menu.

Q: Can I host an event or party at University of Beer?

A: University of Beer provides event hosting services for various occasions. Whether it’s a casual get-together, a birthday celebration, or a corporate event, you can inquire with the University of Beer team to plan and host your event at their venue.

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